Monday, July 13, 2009

If you climb into the washers you will be in a coffin.
The weather has been a little rainy, but still beautiful!

I am working my butt off at Washington Family Ranch (affectionately known as WaFaRa). I am working in the Laundry part of the Housekeeping department, known as the Washboard. I could use lots of prayer as I am starting to feel really run down and tired, and possibly getting a little sick. Also as I am working hard to form relationships with people here at camp and just feel run down most of the time. But my Pappa God continues to teach me, love me, and care for me no matter where I am or what I feel like. So please keep praying for me! And I really would love to letters or small care packages. They can brighten up the most exhausting day! I think me address is posted below in my last post.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Today I am heading out to Washington Family Ranch (formerly known as Wildhorse Canyon) for 3 weeks of hard work and fun! I am a little nervous about my next month there, as I still have a lot to get done to prepare for my Uganda trip. And I am scared of all the hard work that I know I will be doing. Which seems a little weird to me, as I usually love to work hard. But I would appreciate prayers as I am there for the next three weeks.
Following my time at WFR (pronounced Woofer) I will be flying down to Southern Cali to hang out with family friends for a couple of weeks. I am really looking forward to this time as it should be fun and restful. And then I will have just 10 more days in fabulous Yakima, WA before I fly out and begin my four-month stay in Uganda. Please keep me in your prayers during the next two months as I am preparing in the midst of working hard and travelling.
And if you want to send me any notes, small care packeges etc. while I am at WFR here is my address:
Joy McCracken
Summer Staff
One Muddy Road
PO Box 201
Antelope, OR 97001

Blessings and rest to you all!